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Your consultant for horse welness


The development of horse sports is accompanied by an increase in the specialisation level of different practitioners as trainers, veterinarians, dentists, etc...


My name is Marina Sköld and I am the face behind HORSEFYS. I am "Equiatriker". Here, in Sweden, it is a 2 years and half education specialised in horse physiotherapy. This means that I am specialised in the work with the horse's body and muscles. I am trained to evaluate the horse's general condition, analyse problem causes and their consequences.


My work can meet different goals as preventive care, treatment or rehabilitation with the practice of massage, acupuncture, infrared light,...


Of course, you are as the horse owner an important part of the process through the discussions we'll have together or eventually some complementary work you may have to do with your horse.



I treat all types of horses.



My office is located in Kumla, in the area of Örebro, 200 km west from Stockholm.


I treat horses there but I also do "home-visits" all over Sweden.


I plan to extend my activity and accept demands coming from the North of Europe and France.



I am a member of the Scandinavian Association of Equine Physiotherapists (Skandinaviska Hästfysioterapeutförbundet).


Marina Sköld

+46 (0) 701-524900